I hope you have been staying safe during this unprecedented time.  As I plan to re-open my practice on a limited basis, I wanted to update you on where things stand.

The decision to close my practice was not an easy one, and the decision to re-open is not any easier.  First and foremost, my main priority is to keep both of us, as well as our families, as safe as possible.  I have been using several criteria to determine the appropriate time to re-open, and since they have all been met, I will gradually return to seeing patients.  The criteria I used include:

  1. The trend of Covid-19 in Maryland and the counties surrounding Baltimore
  2. Updating our office safety protocols
  3. Obtaining the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As a first step, I will contact and reschedule all patients that I needed to cancel due to Covid-19 before I open the schedule to others. In the first month or so it will be difficult to accommodate everyone’s request for appointments and follow-up sessions, but I will do my best.  If you need more urgent care, several of the manual therapists I have been mentoring may be able to see you sooner. You can view their bios at my website: robertcohenpt.com.

To maximize safety, the practitioners at InnerBridge Wellness Center developed protocols for all patient interactions following CDC guidelines, including pre-screening, temperature checks, and various disinfectant procedures. These additional steps will require me to decrease the number of patients I see per day and be more strict about ending our sessions on time.

In addition, the night before our session, I will email you to make sure you are feeling well and have had no recent Covid-19 exposure. If you are unable to come in due to feeling ill or possible Covid-19 exposure, there will be no penalty for late cancellation.

I look forward to fully re-opening the practice soon. Stay safe!

Bob Cohen